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A Weekend of Togetherness

This past weekend was different to other weekends. Despite having dinner together most on most weekdays and weekends, our breakfast routines remain as scattered on the weekends as they are on weekdays. But this time, my sister came to stay with us for two nights and we had a blast. We didn’t do anything special but it was just nice. Taking joy from the little things and doing them together.

My sisters and I did a workout together on Saturday morning in our living room and then made breakfast together and ate it together. We then did some work together and went on a long walk through the park. Later in the day, we had dinner with my uncle and aunt. And somehow the entire day just felt wholesome.

On Sunday I went to the mall with my younger sister – she accompanied me for my eye check up, and to run some errands. And even though she didn’t need to come and probably could have been doing something more ‘productive’ or being ‘more efficient with her time’, we had a good time. We shared a smoothie together, she helped me pick out a present for Dom’s mum. We stopped in the Asian store and bought some kimchi and laver. All in all, a great day. We also wanted a vegan sausage roll from Gregg’s but sadly, they had run out.

In the afternoon, Dom and I went on a lovely walk in Dunstable Downs followed by hot chocolates in a cafe. A perfect Sunday. We then ran some errands and made dinner together with his family for his mum’s birthday. Finished off with some Victoria Sponge, what more can you ask for right?


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