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Hey there! I’m Masuma – I was born in Tanga and raised in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania. At age 11, my family and I moved to the UK and it’s where I’ve lived ever since! Growing up, I always experienced an identity crisis. The classic experience where I wasn’t Tanzanian enough for the Tanzanian friends I grew up with and I wasn’t British enough to be understood by the people I went to school with in the UK. I also felt very stateless. While I hold a British passport, I wouldn’t say I am patriotic about this country. At the same time, despite being born and brought up in Tanzania, I wouldn’t say I am patriotic about Tanzania, because I am more Indian than Tanzanian. On top of that, I wouldn’t say I am patriotic about India because I have never even been there (but I really want to)!

These different identities and experiences have meshed into creating what I like to call ‘a hybrid south asian’. I started a community page for the Hybrid South Asians on Instagram to share our identity stories, experiences and histories. Extending out from the community page, I recently decided to start this blog to offer a more personal and individual insight into this hybrid living. I am passionate about modest Indo-Western fashion, hybrid South Asian recipes, books, movies, and music! On top of that, I hope you can relate to a fellow hybrid south asian like myself through this blog – a space I definitely needed when growing up but unfortunately platforms where we embraced ourselves didn’t exist back then (as far as I knew). I enjoy learning about anything and everything to do with South Asia and I am excited to take you along with me on this journey!