I love Desi music but I don’t always want to listen to songs from the classic Bollywood movies that we all grew up watching (oops she said it – trust me, I really am a die-hard Bollywood fan). Sometimes, it’s nice to listen to music that doesn’t transport you into childhood nostalgia – by listening to music by the latest South Asian artists! Being a part of the South Asian diaspora living in the UK/West, it’s difficult to be well versed on the regional and upcoming music scene in South Asia itself because we aren’t bombarded by ads and recommendations like we are for British based artists perhaps.

The aim of having a music recommendations page on this blog is to bridge the gap between Bollywood movie songs and the Western songs that we listen to everyday. There’s a large space in between the two that can be filled with so many brilliant South Asian artists to fit a wide variety of genre preferences! Personally, I enjoy the South Asian Indie [Rock] scene, Pop scene and my favourite of all (and one I totally just made up) – a Chai & Chill scene. Having chai and chatting with friends is honestly such a wholesome vibe that definitely requires fitting music to be playing in the background!

I hope you guys like the recommendations I post on here – it’ll be a combination of Spotify playlists, artist recommendations or just single song recommendations that I personally love! Enjoy 🙂