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Discussing Identity with author Hafsa Zayyan

Extremely excited to announce a podcast for my community Instagram page, The Hybrid South Asians. I had a great time chatting about identity with author and lawyer Hafsa Zayyan on the first episode. We also discussed her recently released book, ‘We are all birds of Uganda’, (winner of the Merky books New Writers prize), which explores identity, belonging and generational divides, as well as the Ugandan expulsion of South Asians.

No spoilers don’t worry, so you can listen to it if you haven’t yet read the book!

This podcast episode explores Hafsa’s Pakistani Nigerian background and identity, the South Asian diaspora experience, inspirations behind her book, the research undertook to produce an accurate depiction of the Ugandan expulsion of South Asians and much more!

Please do listen to it, let me know what you think and share any feedback 🙂

Available on Spotify, Podbean, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

Have a listen on here!

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