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So I do like to dabble in writing a bit of Urdu poetry when I am in my feels or when I hear an Urdu word that I really like, I sort of shape a poem around it and build it up in my head. I can’t say I am perfect at Urdu – my poems do get checked by the Urdu police, aka one of my best friends Misha who lives in Lahore, Pakistan! I hope you guys like the poem, let me know your thoughts in the comments 🙂


Zindagi bhi kitni ajeeb si cheez hoti hai

Poori zindagi jeeni parhti hai

Sirf iske usool samajhne ke liye

Aur phir

Bilkul marne se pehle

Hamain ehsaas hota hai

Ke is duniya main jeena kaise hai

Itni ghaltiyon ke baad

Itni azmaaishon ke baad

Agar log afsos nahi karenge

Toh aur kya karenge?

(English translation)

Isn’t life such so strange

We have to live our whole life,

Just to understand its ways

And then

Before dying

We realise

Just how to live in this world

After so many mistakes

After so many trials

If people won’t regret

What else would they do?

by Masuma Ali, checked by Misha Khan

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